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Sep 22 – Oct 7, 2023

Love and beauty are at the core of why Ciel Ellis creates. Having spent a good part of her life healing from trauma and loss, feeling love became the way finder for how she was going to live. Seeking out those experiences that had her feel alive and well. In the presence of flowers her emotions flow spontaneously. Knowing that others are also trying to find their way, it is her hope that her flowers inspire the love and beauty she felt when she painted them.

Bloomin’…Lovely launches Friday, September 22nd with an Opening Night Reception at Nomad Gallery from 6:00 – 9:00pm and runs until October 7th. Your RSVP secures you one free drink ticket, after which drinks are $5 at our wine bar.

Nomad Gallery hosts monthly art shows for artists we represent. We are also a great venue for private events and regularly host gatherings in our space.
Contact Jenny for more information jenny@nomadgallery.ca

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