Talitha Roffel


Talitha Roffel is an independent artist living and working in the Vancouver area of BC. From her youth, Talitha has always been fascinated with the colours and textures of life around her and has loved capturing those colours and textures through photographs, drawings and paintings. She relished her formal art studies, and achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art/Visual Arts (UFV, 2002), and has been drawing and painting, and sharing her love of art, ever since.

As an artist living on the beautiful west coast, Talitha delights in the richly vivid vistas of our coast, valley, mountains, and sky. With an acute awareness of the pace and transience of life, Talitha revels in the small moments and takes time to observe and soak up the nuanced details of the elements around her. Talitha’s recent collection of work, a colourful array of semi-abstract and abstract pieces inspired by nature’s palette, demonstrates her balanced fusion of academic training and artistic expression. Her deep love of nature brings life to each canvas through an artistry of colour, texture, and form.