Shona Sculptures


Since the beginning of time, the Shona Tribe from Zimbabwe have sculpted in stone. Not for money or fame, not for recognition, but for the love of their land, their people and rich culture. It is an essential means of communicating the deep and complex nature of the relationships that are fundamental to life in Zimbabwe, incorporating all that is seen and that which is unseen into stone.

*”Shona stone is perhaps the most important art form to emerge from Africa this century” Shona art is surely one of the most important and increasingly most collectible form of art available today. Collections can be found in such esteemed locations as the Rodin Museum, Paris, The Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurt, The London Museum of Contemporary Art. Further private collectors such as Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and numerous other connoisseurs have made this art part of their collection.

Since emerging in 1950’s, Africa Shona sculpture has received global recognition as it continues to evolve to include more modern representations of their traditional inspiration. Evidence has recently emerged that some of the greatest artists of our time, including Pablo Picasso were influenced by early Shona Art. With the emergence of new techniques and access to modern tooling, with raw stone sourced from throughout Zimbabwe, the next generation of artists are now creating vibrant, modern, contemporary pieces broadening the appeal to both traditional and contemporary collectors world wide.

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