Olivia by Design


Currently residing & working in her city of origin, Vancouver, BC; Olivia is an expert in living artfully. Through her teachings around her life philosophy “The DARM method,” writing & contemporary abstract artistry, each new day in her life is an inimitable amalgamation of meaningful work.

Olivia’s intention as an artist is to create pieces that serve as triggers for transcendence in her clients everyday lives: a place to rest, forget oneself, & be moved again by a single drop of golden paint. They infuse an energy of re-enchantment into her clients’ lives from inside their very own home, reminding them to pause and relish—if only for a moment—in the inherent beauty & richness of being alive

“My everyday practice is a life designed for maximum flow states, peak experiences & triggers for transcendence. To me, designing one’s life with this kind of intentionality towards meaning, fulfillment & giving— is what it means to live artfully. Living in this way, my being is the catalyst, channel & paintbrush for the transcendent qualities alive within my artwork: and thus alive within the viewer too. As expressed by Beaver Theodos, ‘There is little to no distinction between the things I am and the things I create”.

Called to replenish this existential need for re-enchantment in the ever-preoccupied modern world, her impasto style artwork imbues a sense of expansion, wakefulness of being & life-affirming energy into everyday spaces; transforming one’s environmental psychology from neutral to inspiring — and even sacralizing.

Fusing her unique process of creation with her research on sacralizing human experience, Olivia is a visionary here to spur one to design a life surrounded by beauty & excellence, while simultaneously revealing to them that “the sacred is in the ordinary.” Standing before her work, this is the feeling as whispered in one’s ear, while their entire body is awakened to an ignited sense of presence & awareness.