Lisa Geddes


Growing up I lived in almost every major city between Vancouver and Toronto, and spent my early summers traveling across the prairies to Winnipeg, our home base. I landed in British Columbia in high school, it’s home for me and my family and where my heart is firmly tethered. As a young adult I spent hundreds of hours on the waters along our coast, paddling canoes and kayaks; an experience that shifted my heart, deepened my love of the ocean and our coastal communities. Today my family spends much of our time in the Gulf Islands, they are the inspiration for a lot of my work.

I spent decades in the marine industry and working for not-for-profits, all with a focus on communications. Storytelling in all its forms became central to my career and a passion that I have explored in many mediums. Over those years I directed and collaborated with countless producers and photographers on projects, shoots, events and media. How many times I yearned to be the person behind the lens instead of the one directing. I’ve always had an eye for special moments; a flicker of light, a glint in an eye, an unlikely pattern or shape, but I was unable to capture my vision even after I purchased my first DSLR camera.

Thanks to a firm nudge from my husband, I finally started to study photography; the floor dropped out and a new world opened up that I never could have imagined. I’ve learned so much about myself and have a new relationship with the world around me. Now I not only capture moments, I use my camera as a paint brush with infinite possibilities for artistic expression. For this I thank my friend and mentor, Dennis Ducklow, for his encouragement and instruction.

Today I play in all different genres of photography. It’s my connection to nature and one of my favourite ways to connect with people. It’s wonderful to capture simple moments; a feeling, landscape, event, still life or portrait – frames in time that help us tell our stories, and remind us how we choose to spend our time.