Jim Davidson


After a few decades of award winning work in the ad agency, newspaper and freelance business, working as a designer, copywriter, illustrator and cartoonist, as well as painting, Jim is now focussed on between one and four lines of work in his art practice. Painting, murals, teaching and publishing are what inspire his slightly haphazard daily routine.

A native of Penticton BC, Jim first attempted to grow up in Montreal, then Britain, Vancouver and for the past 27 years, as a resident of White Rock, British Columbia.

His paintings and prints can be found in collections in Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia and Asia.

His approach to his abstract work is self-therapeutic but his figurative work is his passion. Working in oils and acrylics, with each new phase he attempts to break away from past work and find a new look to the faces he paints.

He is also currently executing the concepts for a series of portraits of creative greats, many of who met a tragic end of their own device and on a more cheerful note, a series of slightly whimsical narrative paintings based on Beatle songs.